• Corinthian Title

Location: San Diego, CA

The Objective: Translation of a Power of Attorney for a home purchase. Corinthian Title Company provides a broad array of traditional ancillary title and closing services.

Unique Challenges: Children of a recently deceased parent were having difficulty selling a property they had inherited. Their parent had left them a Power of Attorney from Mexico which was not valid without a certified translation. They had a buyer lined up for the property and escrow was closing in 20 days.

Solutions to problems encountered: We consulted with our client Corinthian Title on what paperwork was needed to affect the transaction. We were able to confirm a State of California Certified Interpreter to do the translation and provide a signed and notarized declaration and certification of the translation. Our turnaround time of 2 days was helpful in giving the client the extra time they needed to get the paperwork in order.

Final outcome: Title closed, and the home owners were able to sell the property within the original escrow period.

Testimony: Thank you so much for your professional assistance with this. It is much appreciated! -Excerpt of email from client.