Video and written instructions below.

DESKTOP: Start video at 3:14

  1. Go to Boostlingo.com or https://app.boostlingo.com/app/account/sign-in
  2. Enter email address that you used to register your account
  3. You should be given an option to generate a password

Once you’ve logged in:

  1. You should go directly into your Dashboard
  2. If not, please select “Dashboard” from the left-hand side of your screen
  3. Once you are in your Dashboard you will be able to see the interpreter app on the right-hand side

Select “On Demand” or “Scheduled” (please note that currently we are only offering Spanish for scheduled service)

On Demand option:

  1. From here you will be able to select your service typeOPIVRI
  2. The service types are OPI (Over-the-Phone) and VRI (Video Remote Interpreting)
  3. There are approximately 200 languages available on OPI and 50 available on VRI
  1. Select your language and organization type or leave the default “Business”
  2. Hit the “Call” button and you will be connected with your interpreter

TABLET or SMARTPHONE: Start video at 2:19

  1. Go to App Store for iOS (Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices)
  2. Type in “boostlingo interpret manager”
  3. Download of App is free of charge

Once you have the app on your device:

  1. Log in using your registered email
  2. You should see your Dashboard which will allow you to select a language and your organization type
  3. Hit the “Call” button and you will be connected with your interpreter


Click the link above to view or download the onboarding instructions as .PDF

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