Trans-Lang offers document translation in over 150 languages for virtually every industry or specialization. We have a network of over 3,000 linguists who are native speakers in the target language they translate into. This means that your content will always be translated into the most grammatically correct and culturally relevant way possible.

Our linguists also hold certifications and accreditation from the most respected language institutes in the world, including the American Translators Association, Institute of Translation & Interpreting, and the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination. While we believe that human translation is still the most viable method of translation for content that has to be absolutely precise, we do also offer hybrid translation service which is a combination of machine translation and human proofreading. This is an option our clients can take if cost is a significant consideration and also if turnaround time is absolutely critical.





There’s more to website localization than changing the language on a website. Localization preserves the nuance of the language to fit the criteria of different cultures. Culture is vitally important to understanding the original meaning of content and can be drastically different even if countries speak the same language.

A great example is the distinction between the cultures of Spain, Mexico, and Equatorial Guinea. Spanish is spoken by the inhabitants of all three countries; yet different history and diverse locations have shaped all these countries with distinct cultures. Therefore, certain terms in Spanish have vastly different meanings depending on where the language is spoken.

There are many factors to consider when targeting customers with different cultures. The simplest include the way times, dates, addresses, and currency are represented. More complicated elements include idioms, photo preferences, subliminal marketing preferences, and cultural restrictions.

Regarding localization services, Trans-Lang’s goal is to ensure website content is properly-localized to the requested culture. The localization team of each project strives to approach each project with cultural awareness and the insight necessary to ensure the most accurate and relevant localization possible.

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