• Law Firm / Client interview using Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Industry: Legal

Service Provided: Over-the-phone-interpreting

Location: South Bay (San Diego)

The Objective: A South bay attorney contacted us to provide him an interpreter for a mono-lingual Spanish speaking client.

Unique challenges: The attorney was seeking to interview a potential client before accepting the case. Most of the meetings would consist of information intake but due to the work schedule of the potential client, the meetings could be no longer than 1-2 hours in duration each. The potential client’s work schedule also made it difficult to plan a meeting with more than 2-3 days notice. All of these factors made booking an on-site interpreter difficult from a logistical and cost standpoint.

Solutions to problems encountered: We presented the attorney with an over-the-phone interpreting solution. This method would still allow for the type of fluid dialogue needed to confirm if the attorney/client pairing was a good fit. Using over-the-phone interpreting also lowered costs and gave the attorney the flexibility to schedule a meeting on-demand.

Final Outcome: We set up an account for the attorney on our scheduling system. This process took less than 10 minutes. Once his account was set up, the attorney was able to schedule 3 meetings with his prospect (and eventual client). The calls varied in duration, between 20 minutes and 1 hour and 10 minutes. The attorney paid less than half of the cost of scheduling an on-site interpreter and had complete flexibility to schedule an interpreter with as little as 5 minutes notice.

Testimony: I have the account with you set up and will definitely use it as the need arises. Looking forward to working with you. Troy O.