• Law Firm / Independent Contractor Agreement

Industry: Business

Service Provided: Translation

Location: San Diego

The Objective: Our client, a San Diego based law firm, had provided a yacht manufacturer with an Independent contractor agreement for their non-W-2 compensated labor. A significant portion of this labor consisted of mono-lingual Spanish speaking contractors. The lack of the legal document in the primary language of the laborers represented a possible liability issue. Our client contracted us to translate the agreement.

Unique Challenges: The requested delivery on the translation was less than 1 week. Being a legal document, we also had to ensure the staff that worked on the translation was well versed in specific legal terminology.

Solutions to Problems Encountered: We assigned the translation to one of our legal teams in Mexico City. The translator who worked on this document is an attorney in Mexico with over 25 years of experience translating documents. We were able to finish the document in 3 business days, 2 days sooner than anticipated.

Final Outcome: Our client received the translation of their Independent Contractor Agreement that they were not only able to give to the yacht manufacturer, but also use for future clients. Utilizing our translation software, we can customize the translation to suite a future client with minimal changes and at minimal additional cost