• Global Climate Action Summit

Industry: Government

Service Provided: Interpretation

Location: San Francisco, CA

The Objective: To provide simultaneous interpreting for the Global Climate Action Summit. A gathering of leaders and people from around the world seeking to “Take Ambition to the Next Level” with respect to climate action.

The GCAS also serves as a launchpad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries supported by all sectors of society that can put the globe on track to prevent climate change.

Unique Challenges: The client was seeking simultaneous interpreting for up to 150 attendees for two separate venues over 2 days of the conference. Our team had to bring our full suite of interpreting equipment and set up at the Autodesk Gallery and the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Our team worked with the client A/V team to realize a host of complicated connections that would provide seamless interpreting into Spanish throughout both venues. Logistically, we were set-up to provide headset/receivers to 150 attendees.

Solutions to problems encountered: Our technician and lead on-site project manager have over 20 years of experience trouble shooting A/V connection issues of all types. When we arrive on-site, our staff is uniquely experienced to work with client A/V personnel to ensure our equipment is working the way the client expects. For large projects, such as the GCAS, Trans-Lang needs to provide technical expertise as well as excellent interpreting.

Final outcome: The two venues Trans-Lang operated from were able to provide attendees with real-time simultaneous interpreting via portable receivers.