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Location: San Diego

The Objective: The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park is among the most well knowns and respected institutions of wildlife conservancy in the world. Part of its mission is to…generate, share, and apply scientific knowledge vital to the conversation of animals, plants, and habitats worldwide. To help achieve this mission, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park educates visitors on the various unique, beautiful and in some cases, extremely endangered animal and plant species on display at the parks. As a non-profit, the San Diego Zoo and Safari parks rely on ticket revenue for much of the funding of their conservation efforts. For over 8 years, Trans-Lang has provided the translation of the Zoo and Safari parks marketing materials in several languages.

With a plethora of competition in the entertainment industry, the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park has to set itself apart as a unique destination with exhibits and attractions unavailable anywhere else. Trans-Lang’s objective on this project is to ensure the dynamism of the parks exhibits and attractions is conveyed to its target audience of international visitors via marketing materials.

Unique Challenges: This particular project relies on a good amount of graphic design work. Although Trans-Lang does not do any of the graphic design, we have to work with the graphic design program used by the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park (Adobe Illustrator) and make sure the translated copy fits into the available area of the marketing materials. Part of the challenge is working with our translators to make sure that the visual look of the finished product is as clean and pleasing to the eye as the original materials.

Solutions to problems encountered: Three things in particular keep Trans-Lang as the incumbent provider of translation services for the SD Zoo & Safari Park;

  1. A focus on quality translation that conveys the meaning of the copy which is written in a fluid and dynamic style to capture the attention of visitors.
  2. A willingness to work within a timeline that ensures deliverables are print-ready when needed.
  3. An ability to work seamlessly with the graphic design software used by the SD Zoo & Safari Park marketing team.

Final outcome: The end result is the finished brochure that Chinese, French, German and Spanish speaking visitors to the SD Zoo and Safari Park visitors can use as a resource to plan out their days at the parks.