Translation Specialties

Medical Transcripts, Medical Documents, and more.
Statements, Prospectus, financial reports, and more
Our translation service offering is extremely extensive. While we can translate virtually any type of document content, legal terminology is our specialty. Our legal industry clients have used our translation service offering for everything from client retainer agreements to contracts to birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates, among many other types of legal documents. When you need something expertly translated, rest assured our legal translators have accreditation and years of experience working on exactly the type of legal document you need translated.
Policy Documents, coverage.
One of our unique capabilities is our service offering in the area of transcription of recorded audio/video and translation. We have over 10 years of experience transcribing and translating post arrest interviews, videotaped depositions, jail calls, undercover recordings, and recorded court proceedings. Whether you have a single defendant or multi-defendant case, or whether you have a single recording or document or several hours worth of recordings or hundreds of pages of documents to translate, we can help. Please contact us today for a quote or for a description of our full legal language service offering.